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Help them be what they can't see!

Sharing the careers of tomorrow, with the young people of today.

Photo by Tereza Rubá on Unsplash

Do people even know what you do?

As parents and educators, we're preparing young people for the 'jobs of the future', but we don't even know what you do?

We have an idea...

It's March 2020, due to COVID-19 we are social distancing and have set up a co-working space to learn and work from home.

My son, William and I have formed a collaboration. Our plan is simple:

1. Connect with people from all over the world, who do cool things for work.

2. Ask them to upload a 3-5 minute video, answering six simple questions.


3. William will edit the video and upload to a range of platforms.


4. Invite young people to watch the videos and learn about the jobs of today and of the future.   



Here's how you can help...



Create a 3-5 minute video (Instructions below)


Send it to us.


Share our video library with

young people you know.

Video Instructions


SET UP your smart phone in landscape format. Record in a well lit space, with low background noise (if possible - use earphones or a mic).


INTRODUCE YOURSELF including your name, current position, organisation and where you're located.


ANSWER the following questions - leaving a pause between each question. No need to do retakes, just send one long video, William will edit out any mistakes. We aim to keep the final video less than 6 minutes:

1. What did you want to be, when you were 15?

2. What happened between then and now? (1-2 min summary)

3. What do you do in an average week at work?

4. What do you predict your job will look like in 10 years?

5. What's a barrier/fear you had to overcome to get to where you are now?

6. What would a young person need to do to become what you are?

Complete the form and upload your video

Supporting young people to become what they want to be!