The time after school

can be daunting. It’s hard to find the right path to the life that you want to lead. Uni and TAFE aren’t right for everyone. It’s a time when we have a lot of questions.

Can you get a job without experience?

Can you find out what employers are looking for?

Can you turn ideas and passions into a reality?

Can you turn your creative skills into a business?

Can you start a business and be your own boss?

We say YEP! You can!

What is YEP11?

YEP11 is a program designed to empower you with the

skills and knowledge needed to live the life you want. 

We'll support you to either start a business or gain skills

which will help you successfully find your next job.


Who should join YEP11?


Are you aged 15-24?  Do you have:

an idea you are passionate about and want help to take it forward?

a creative skill you want to turn into a business?

a young family you want to support?

a desire to get ahead and want to learn the skills to get a job you love?




What you'll gain by spending time with us

YEP11 is here to support you to gain the confidence to develop your own business or job opportunities

What you'll learn - starting a buisness

The tools to develop your business idea

Understand the steps to create a business from the ground up

Give you the tools to launch your business and win your first customers

The skills and knowledge you'll gain

Know what employers are looking for when they are hiring

Develop the skills to be a valuable team member in a workplace

Understand your strengths based on your personal experience

Ability to answer interview questions with confidence

Build connections to help achieve your goals

Build relationships in your local business community that will lead to opportunities

Be mentored by local business people to succeed

Learn how to network .. it’s a skill that helps you meet people and make connections to take your dreams forward



We are passionate about supporting young people to become whatever they want to be. On offer full and part scholarships for 2022 Youth Entrepreneur Programs