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What inspires us 

We are passionate about supporting over 1 million people to have the confidence to become whatever they want to be. In doing so we are living our life purpose and have become exactly who we wanted to be. 


Our ambition is to create innovative solutions

to unemployment & business growth.

Meet The Team


Cherie Topfer
YEP Careers
Founder & Director

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Author   I   My Career Passport

Creator  I   YEP Programs


Cherie works with local community organisations, all levels of government, and corporates to unlock their communities' entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities. She is inspired by a mission of helping people use their entrepreneurial capabilities to help them say YEP to new opportunities and live their life following their dreams. 

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Kylie Sinclair
YEP Careers


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Collaborator   I   Partner programs

Developer  I   Digital Content

Kylie works with partners to manage the delivery of their programs. She is inspired by working on programs that support people to realise their dreams and live by their values. Kylie brings digital insights and experiences that support Cherie's vision of growing the YEP program's to impact over 1 million people.

Our Approach

What we do

YEP Careers has developed a series of entrepreneurial & employability skills programs designed to enhance participants capabilities and improve local business and economic outcomes.

Using the collective energy of a community framework, including state and local governments, schools, local service providers, chambers of commerce, and the business community, the YEP suite of programs provide a platform to increase people's sense of belonging to the wider community.

How we create impact

YEPEES (our participants) are given the opportunity to be a part of the local innovation ecosystem, where they can connect with successful local business mentors, build their network, and receive referrals to individuals and organisations that can help them achieve their goals, whether in starting a business or finding employment. 

We also work with local business mentors who use the program as a recruitment tool and have seen employment outcomes for some of our YEPEES. Our mentor's support extends past our Pitch Events and is continued through the YEP Alumni program.

How we work with you

We customise our programs to meet the challenges that you are facing. We are open to collaborating and partnering with you under a variety of models. Our employability and entrepreneur skills programs can be either delivered by our team or licensed to be delivered by your team.  We also offer train the trainer programs. 

Who we've worked with

We have worked with organisations like, NSW State Government, Australian Federal Government, City Councils, like Coffs Harbour City, SERCO, BioMass Solutions and Handy Bin Waste Services. Our work focuses on getting to the core of the issue in each community and organisation are focused on and delivering high impact outcomes tailored for each program.



Meet a few of our mentors


Stephen Saunders

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The Savvy Strategy Group

Strategy for Scale Ups - helping the NSW Mid North Coast realise full potential.

Emma Rhodes.jfif


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HR & Recruitment Leader, Leadership Coach 

Providing employability skills mentoring to young people in our schools programs



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Head Honcho - Alt-Collective

Providing freelance support to small business with a focus on business planning and goal setting



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Sector Development Expert - 

Experienced in economic development  Passionate about regions & the arts

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