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YEP for Business

Our business programs are designed to unite teams and tackle specific challenges or seize opportunities within your organisation. By working together in a structured setting, teams not only address the current issue but also equip themselves with the tools to handle future challenges.

Program Content

The program takes teams through the lean canvas methodology, providing a hands-on process for developing a response to the specific challenge they are addressing. 

As part of the program, teams; 

  • Engage with customers and internal teams to verify their approach to the challenge.

  • Mentors are engaged to support the teams throughout the process. These mentors can include senior internal leaders or external mentors with relevant industry experience.

  • The teams then present their solution at a final pitch event where they can receive feedback and recognition for their work


  • mentoring

  • pitch event

  • 11 full days 

  • customised approach

  • flexible delivery

  • flexible timeframe

Your Empowered Pathway

  • mentoring & career planning

  • pitch event

  • 5 full days 

  • customised approach

  • flexible delivery

  • flexible timeframe

Your Development Plan

  • career planning

  • key talent support

  • 2 full days 

  • customised approach

  • flexible delivery

  • flexible timeframe

Mentor Collective

  • for senior leaders

  • 1 day program

  • customised delivery

  • developing mentoring skills

  • often blended with other programs

Who Should Attend?

The program can be delivered for a number of different cohorts, including:

  • Developing future talent: The program can be used as a way to identify and develop high-potential employees within the organization.

  • Re-engaging remote teams in an off-site setting: The program can provide a way for remote teams to come together, collaborate and re-engage with each other and the organization.

  • Preparing teams for change: The program can be used as a way to prepare teams for upcoming changes within the organization by providing them with the tools and skills needed to navigate the change successfully.

  • Identifying graduate talent as part of an intern program: The program can be used as a way to identify and develop graduate talent within the organization through an intern program.

I know first hand the impact that YEP Careers programs have on participants who need to become more entrepreneurial in their roles. Some of the things that I think really create lasting value are the lean canvas approach to problem solving, the impact of mentoring and the business networks employees create. Yes the programs can bring a team together to create a solution to a business challenge. It's about more than that. It's helping teams learn how to collaborate to solve the next challenge, and the challenge after that. I highly recommend the program.

Emma Rhoades, Talent and Leadership Expert

Partner with us

We offer a variety of partnership options for delivering the program to your organisation. We can work with you to design and deliver the program to your team, or we can create a licensing agreement that allows your team to deliver the program internally. Additionally, we can provide training for your team to deliver the program effectively.

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