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Simple foundation skills for young job seekers to SCORE THAT JOB!

As an employee, it is your day-to-day tasks that contribute to the success of the organisation. It is important that you understand the company aims and goals. Good planning anticipates needs, limits mistakes and assists with better decision making. Good organisation ensures that the right employees with the right skills are working in the projects that suit them and the needs of the company.

How do young people demonstrate that they can organise themselves to manage a job, school and life?

This week we profile the foundation skills of Planning & Organising. When a job requires a ‘highly organised’ employee, we suggest preparing with these top 5 tips:

1. It’s all in the detail

Start with good planning in your application and interview, employers can tell! Complete the application, ensuring everything is perfectly documented and presented.

I once had an applicant who listed ‘high attention to detail’ on a resume, along with bullet points that didn’t align.

An organised person will be on time, with documents organised and ready for the interview.

2. Prioritise your schedule or schedule your priorities?

Work out how you best schedule your time. Do you work better allocating specific times or creating to-do lists? There are so many digital and paper based schedulers, diaries, to-do lists and calendars. Check them out and find a system that works for you.

3. Be in the moment

Learn how to be mindful. Get in the zone and stay there. Immerse yourself in a task and focus your energy until you get the task done.

4. Organise planning practice

Become involved in activities that will help gain experience in planning and organising. This could include volunteering your time to organise a community, school or sporting event. The bigger the event and the more involved you are, the better.

5. Document your stories

Make a list of your examples in relation to planning and organising; when you had to prioritise; an event you organised; or what you did when you missed a deadline.

My Career Passport is a resource that detailed the twelve foundation skills for any job. The passport supports young people to:

- Identify strengths and skills

- Understand foundation employment skills

- Demonstrate various skill sets

- Spark personal and interview confidence

- Prepare for workplace and employer expectations

To order a copy of My Career Passport, or for further information on the programs that support the resource, please visit:

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